Sketches, headshots, busts– you want it? It's yours, my friend, as long as you have enough money.

Sorry, Link, I don't do commissions for exposure! Come back when you're a little – MMMMMMMMM – richer.

Headshots and Busts!

These go for $10 USD
+ $5 USD for shading and or backgrounds

Legs up!

These are $20 USD
+ $5 USD for shading and or backgrounds + $7 USD per extra character

Full Bodies!

These are $30 USD
+ $10 USD for shading + $15 USD per extra character

Microsoft Paint Drawings!

These are $8 USD
(Won't do bgs or extra characters)

Meme Drawings!

These are $4 USD or $8 USD depending on how complex the drawing is


How they work

One Month: Sketches (with or without colors), Microsoft Paint Drawings, Meme Drawings

One Year: Headshots and Busts, Legs Up, Full Bodies - All options available (shading, backgrounds, up to three extra characters, etc)


Common Sense

When drawing, it's easier for me to draw with references. Please provide a ref sheet or lots of drawings of the character you want me to draw.
Please give me references and descriptions of the pose you would like the character to be in.
If you want to use my artwork for a shirt or anything of the sort I'd like to be paid extra for my work!
I’ll only do a few commissions at a time as to not overwhelm myself. This means I’ll do slots!

I will draw!

Gore and bones (will be simplified)
Simplistic robots or suits (i.e. simplified transformers or something like the HEV suit from Half-Life)

I will not draw!

Super complex designs (If given to me I will simplify them!)
Detailed robots and mechs
NSFW of any kind
Feral animals (i.e. animals on all fours)
Super detailed gore (i.e. organs and guts)
This is exclusive to the meme commissions but I will not draw memes with slurs (yes even slurs you can reclaim and slurs I can reclaim! It's simply out of the question! I won't draw it!)
I will not draw problematic ships (i.e. toxic relationships and pedophilia)